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Since starting this website some 7 years ago as a hobby we have learned a lot.   We started the website for the love of the history of old survey instruments and through customer requests it has grown into what you see today.   Through these requests we have continued to add content for people to enjoy and to learn about the past instruments of surveying and how they were used.   With this growth has come growing pains as the website technologies are constantly changing and the website we started with 7 years ago has become obsolete.   Due to these changes we have been forced to upgrade our website at an extremely high cost to republish all of this information in a new format and to add newly requested data to the new website platform. 

We know it is not public knowledge, but 97% of the emails and the time we spend supporting this website generates zero revenue to keep the website up and running.   With no outside funding from anyone other than a few "Atta Boys" we have paid for everything out of our own pocket and while we do make a little bit of money offering sales, repairs, parts and restorations the profits seen are easily eaten up by the high costs of continuing to offer new material and maintaining the website.  Many people are under the false pretense that information on the web does not cost anything and I am here to tell you that it does cost a lot of money and an extreme amount of time and effort. 

If you enjoy this information we are asking for your help to keep this information updated and to continue to grow the website for years to come.  With the costs of maintaining the website constantly going up the best way to help is through donations and with these donations you will become a supporting member of this website where your name will be proudly listed in our membership list.  We are offering different levels of membership that will certainly fit any budget.

Your support is very much appreciated.

Help By Supplying Materials

Another way you can help support this website is providing new materials.   While it is great that as a collector you might have all this great material for your own enjoyment,  but wouldn't it be even better to share it with the world. 

These materials can be old surveying photographs, catalogs, materials about the old makers, and documents from old makers. 

All of these materials we can scan and return to you undamaged.  Without the help of others it is impossible to gather all of this information so everyone can enjoy it.  

Don't take it to the grave with you, share it with the world.

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