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This site is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of surveying instrumentation.  Here you will find information on instruments, products for sale, restoration services and many other items regarding survey instrumentation and surveying history.  Gathering this information is very time consuming.  You will find many resources here and additional links to other sites to help fill in gaps. 

How to Date Your Old Survey Instruments

We have added a new section for dating your antique survey instruments.  Just click the link above to see this newly added section.  We are always looking for more information to share so if you have information about a specific maker please contact us and we will share it with others.

We Buy & Sell  Antique Surveying Instruments & Parts

We are always looking for old instruments and maybe you have one sitting around in the garage, basement or attic.  We buy instruments from the early 1900's and 1800's that are of the engineering or surveying grade type of instrument.  We do not buy builders' instruments mainly because they have such a low retail value. 

Why not make some money and sell us your old instruments?

Instruments We Have For Sale

Consignment Sales:
We work directly with you to help get you the most out of the sale of your antique survey instrument.  Read More

Thinking Of Selling Your Survey Instrument? We can buy your instruments outright so contact us before you list your survey instrument on EBay and now with EBay even charging fees on shipping costs we can help keep some of that money in your pocket.  We use recent completed sales of like instruments on EBay as a gauge of what the market is doing so you can be assured that the prices we offer are what like items are selling for on EBay.  We will give you an honest evaluation of the instrument's value based on its condition, rarity, and on today's selling price without the hassles and costs of selling it on EBay yourself.  Read More

We pay top dollar for:
Pre-1900 U.S. Made Instruments - Solar or Mining Attachments - Gurley Transits - K&E Transits - Buff & Buff Transits - Buff & Berger Transits - C. L. Berger & Sons Transits - and Many Others...........

We Also Buy Old Survey Instrument Parts:  Do Not throw away those old parts that are laying around!  We may be interested in purchasing them, so why not make some money off those old parts you do not know what to do with.  Read More


European or Japanese Made Instruments Such As Wild, Kern, Sokkisha, T Cooke, Stanley, Troughton Simms, etc.
Builder's Instruments Such As David White, Bostrom Brady, Wards, Sears, Craftsman, etc.
Weights & Measures Such As Assay Scales & Weights, etc.
Drafting Instruments, Supplies, or Drafting Furniture

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