Selling Your Complete Instrument?

Wait! Please consider these items before you try and sell your instrument on EBay

Let's say that you have a transit that is worth around $700.00 and to sell it on EBay it will cost you approximately $2.00 - $5.00 for the insertion fee depending on how you list it,  $40.00 - $60.00 EBay Final Fee, and approximately $45.00 - $65.00 in PayPal fees.  This can be as much as 10% or more of the sale price you lose just by selling on EBay.

If you sell your instrument to us you keep 100% of the offered price.  All of the money you get stays in your pocket so why not give us a try?  We can even provide you a comparison of comparable instruments that have sold on EBay so you know you are getting the most for your instrument.

If you want to save 10% right off the top then contact us first and we will give you an honest evaluation of the instrument all without the hassles and costs of selling on EBay. 

We offer top dollar for complete instruments in good original working condition!

We offer the best price for your old equipment.  If it is complete and can be used AS-IS we can offer the most on the market for a quick and easy transaction.   We are always looking for complete instruments that have little or no damage to restore or even offer as original. 

We pay top dollar for:

Pre-1900 U.S. Made Survey Instruments

Solar or Mining Attachments & Transits - Gurley Transits - K&E Transits - Buff & Buff Transits
Buff & Berger Transits - C. L. Berger & Sons Transits - and Many Others...........


European or Japanese Made Instruments Such As Wild, Kern, Sokkisha, T Cooke, Stanley, Troughton Simms, etc.
Builder's Instruments Such As David White, Bostrom Brady, Wards, Sears, Craftsman, etc.
Weights & Measures Such As Assay Scales or Weights, etc.
Drafting Instruments, Supplies, or Drafting Furniture

Pricing is determined on several factors:

1. Brand and age of instrument
2. How rare is the instrument. - The more rare the instrument the higher the price!
3. Condition of the instrument. - Is it damaged and in need of repair.
4. How complete the instrument is. - Is it missing parts, case, etc.

Please remember even though this equipment may seem interesting and may have a sentimental value to you, it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it whether it is us or someone on EBay.  We use EBay and Auction houses to establish a pricing base line to buy items based on recent sales history.  Please do not be disappointed if we price an item and it is not as high as you think it ought to be.  You can not sell sentimentality and unless there is very good documented proof stating when, how, and where the instrument was used it is usually just a very interesting story.

We do this for a living so we know how much your instruments are worth and we are willing to pay for them.

If you want to sell your instrument please send good photos and the best description you can and we can try and make something happen for you.

Contact us for more info