About Us

About Us.

Like most people we have selected a career path and have stuck with that for most of our lives.  While surveying has been a big part of our family history for well over 70 years we have taken another avenue that lead us in to the sales and support of surveying instrumentation.

We have been in the sales, support, and repair side of this business for 30 years.  I have seen a lot change in this industry and there are days when I look back and think wouldn't it be nice to go back to the old days of less stress and fewer headaches,  you know, when you could do business with a handshake.  Well those days are long gone but we can remember what it was like through the equipment that brought us to where we are today.

The instruments you find on this website do not have buttons or batteries, they have no memory cards or cables, these are just the instruments that paved the way for us to get where we are today.

Each instrument that we work on always makes me think what did this instrument do during it's time in the field?  Did it build the Empire State building, did it build our first subdivision, did it build our first bridge?  This is history that can be enjoyed by all and the amazement of what was accomplished with this old equipment.   Today we squabble over a few thousandths of a foot and isn't it nice to go back to the days where a foot or two really didn't matter.

We take great pride in the restorations we do and we stand behind them 100%.  We want you to be happy with your instrument when we have finished so it is important that you tell us what you want in your restoration.  We need to know every thing down to paint-polish-machined, everything so we can give you the instrument you want.