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    Of Old American Survey Instrumentation.
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    Hundreds Of Years Of Data
    Survey Instrument History
    Learn about many different American survey instrument makers. We cover makers that span from the 1700's to the early 1900's
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    Digital Materials
    We have compiled many digital images, digital catalogs, and other materials you can enjoy.

Survey Antiques Is Currently Under Going
Major Renovations & Reconstruction.

We are currently upgrading the entire website so many of the pages currently are not operational. We will be constantly adding pages and updating the data on the website until it is completed.

The website may be down on occasion as we are upgrading the system data on our new webhost servers. If you have any website suggestions now would be a great time to make them. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Our old website took 7 years to build so please be patient. Due to recently diagnosed illness the website design has come to a crawl. Please be patient as we try and work through the new design.

Please check back often to see the newly added pages.


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Hundreds of years worth of data

Old Survey Documents Old Surveyor Image

Some of things you will find on our website

Old Survey Instrument Makers

Maker History

We have compiled a lot of data about different survey instrument makers for your enjoyment.

Dating Your Survey Instruments

How To Date Your Instruments

Learn how to date your antique survey instruments.

Old Survey Catalogs

Digital Catalogs

We have scanned many old catalogs and put them in a PDF format for easy access.

Old Surveying Photographs

We have compiled a lot of old survey photos for your enjoyment.

Early Survey Instrument Patents

Here you will find many old patents that date back to the early 1800's.

Old Survey Makers Documents

We have scanned many old documents for different survey instrument makers.

Instruments For Sale

We have many items for sale. Check out our sale pages.

Instruments With Unique Stories

We have a section dedicated to instruments that have been used on unique projects or have an interesting past.

Resource Links

We have many links to websites with great resources.

Survey Instrument History

Learn about the history of old American survey instrument makers.
Old Transit Old Surveyors Chain Old Surveyors Level Old Surveyors Compass

Learn About The Tools
Of Old Surveyors

In this section you will find intuitive descriptions of these old tools.

Here you can learn all the different tools that were used back in surveying history. We cover, Chains, Hand Levels, Alidades, Compasses, Transits, Level and many other tools.

Coming Soon

Learn About Old Surveying Instruments

We have sections that describe the parts of different instruments.
Transit Parts Transit Parts Overlay